Best Pages: Analyze Your Top Pages With Semalt's DSD

One of the biggest challenges in the digital marketing world is showing the performance of an SEO campaign effectively to a client. Agencies manage to pull some great PR and marketing stunts and also gain heavy traffic and conversion on the way, but they often lack ways to showcase their efforts and overall results.

At Semalt, we speak to dozens of businesses every month who are unable to take stock of their ongoing SEO campaigns. Not because their campaigns are not yielding any results, but because they are not able to gauge their full performance. As a result, they are unsure if they are getting a good return on investments, thereby making the entire enterprise ineffective.

This is the motivation behind the creation of the Dedicated SEO Dashboard, one of Semalt's most popular tools in the global digital marketing space. And one of its top sub-tools is Best Pages, a neat way to find out the best performing pages on a domain, their related keywords, and their traffic contribution to the overall eyeballs the website is getting.

In this article, we will take you through this tool in detail and show you how it can help you showcase your SEO efforts to your clients. Read on…

Best Pages Tool in Semalt's Dedicated SEO Dashboard

Best Pages is one of the three tools in the SERP section of Semalt's Dedicated SEO Dashboard. It gives you a bird's eye view of your top performing pages in terms of views, traffic, and conversion. Although the conversion data is not dependent on any specific metric, we recommend taking the traffic data as indicative of a page's popularity.


For example, for most websites, the homepage is usually the most viewed page. With Best Pages, you can also see what keywords this page is ranking and when. The date selection is handy so that you can also gauge how your top landing pages have performed over a specific period.

Do note that Best Pages gives you details only about organic traffic. It does not consider ad or referral traffic. You can explore our other tools like FullSEO for insights on those.

How is Best Pages Helpful?

Best Pages gives you an overview of your best performing pages. You can use this information to further optimize them. For example, if you know a specific product page on your site is doing well, you can check that page and see what improvements it needs. 

Does it require more keyword optimization? Are the on-page elements such as title, headers, captions, media assets proper? What about the technical side and backend elements such as meta description?

The Best Pages tool tells you what pages to focus on so that you can push their performance a little bit more. You can go through the different sections of Best Pages to gain more insights. We recommend doing the following three things:
  1. Fix on-page SEO errors like title and headings
  2. Add more unique content across text, images, videos
  3. Execute off-page promotion

Different Sections of Best Pages

Now we will go through all of the sections inside the Best Pages tool. To get started, all you have to do is enter the homepage URL of your site. Then select the search engine (Google) country such as Google US or Google UK. As of September 2021, Best Pages only support Google search engine and we hope to add Bing and other search engines soon.

Once you have entered the domain and selected the Google version, select Apply. The tool will automatically trigger the analysis and you will find all the information in the four sections.

Best Pages Over Time

The first section gives you an overview of the pages on your website that are ranking at №1 on Google SERPs and on the top 3, top 10, top 30, top 50, and top 100 pages. We have two scales - weekly and monthly - that show how the pages fare over a period of the past few weeks or months. At the moment, there is no way to change the day range for this section because it only acts as an overview of how your pages fare.

In the example below, a website in Google US shows about 248 pages that rank at №1 for their associated keywords. While this might seem a low number, you have to take into consideration that this is basis the entire website which has thousands of individual pages.


You can also see the number of pages in the top 3, top 10, top 30, top 50, and top 100 pages. As expected, the number of pages ranking in the top 100 is higher. 


In this next section, you will see the same data as above but in numeric form or as a diagram. In the screenshot given below, you will see a bar graph for each top page result compared for the months of August 2021 and September 2021. As you look for higher rankings, you will see negligible change. For example, the website has 220 pages ranking at №1 in the month of August 2021. However, the number has increased to 255 pages the following month, hinting at positive SEO performance.


The same data can be seen according to weeks as per your analysis requirement. In this selection, you will see a comparison between the current week and the previous week. 

Keywords for Selected Pages

This section gives you information about how a specific page has been ranking for a bunch of keywords. If a page has been ranking for five keywords in August, then you will be able to see how the number has changed (increased or decreased) in the current month. This is a good way to gauge how the page has performed, especially if you made any considerable changes on the page before.

You can select the top rankings according to your preference. Plus, any page on your website can be selected as long as it has been cached by Google bots and / or Semalt's backend.

Top Pages Overall

Finally, we have a list of the top pages that rank on organic search. This is the most useful section in the Best Pages tool as you get a complete overview of the top landing pages. You can also check the pages as per a time period of your choice. There is also a filter option through which you can filter by URL, top rank, and type of change. For the latter, you can see changes that are dynamic, moved, changed, and more.

If you want to display this information or use it for some other analysis, you can also export it into a spreadsheet with numbers. Additionally, you can select any of the pages in this section to get the keyword data in the previous section. 

Case Study of Using Best Pages for Effective Search Engine Optimization

As we have seen in the examples above, we used a sample domain ( in Google US to showcase the Best Pages tool. According to the tool's insights, the following are what we found out:
As you can see, even if you focus on the pages that rank in the top 10, you will have enough cues to optimize them further. Start with keyword research using one of Semalt's in-house tools and get started today.

Note: Before you analyse your website on the Best Pages tool, you may check out for mor demonstration and examples.


Best Pages is one of the most important tools in Semalt's revolutionary Dedicated SEO Dashboard. With it, you get a complete overview of your best performing pages that bring in the most traffic from organic Google search. Since SEO is a long-term and continuous activity, Best Pages helps you stay on course and updates you about the pages that will use some great help.

As an SEO agency, you don't want to be complacent to enable your competitors jump ahead of you in rankings. With Best Pages and other tools in Semalt's DSD, you can both maintain your rankings and push them ahead so that those №1 pages always stay there no matter what.

Are you an SEO agency that handles the websites of several businesses across regions? Check out and use its free SEO tools today. Start with Best Pages and find out which are the best converting pages on your client's site.

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